Hot water on the boat

Hot Water whilst on the water

Your Animals will Love it too!

One Simple Solution for Unlimited Applications. Whether it's for the weekender, ski cabin, horse trailer, stables, dog wash or on the road that you require hot water, the Australian designed Country Comfort instant LPG portable is the right solution. It is manufactured and approved to the most stringent Australian standards with 98% efficiency and 1 year full warranty.

Country Comfort LPG Gas Hot Water Unit (No pump)

This unit is suited to users who are looking to connect their unit straight up to mains water (i.e your garden tap)

Country Comfort (Combo 1) - 4.3 lpm pump 

This set up is best for groups or individuals really looking to conserve their water. Great if there is a group of guys out camping, dirt bike riding etc. just wanting to have a quick wash off! 

Downside - Limited in once the water setting is wound up over around the 1/4 mark on the water control knob the units ignition cuts out. The reason for this is that there is not enough water being supplied to the unit as the pump will only deliver 4.3 LPM and above this setting the unit is demanding more water supply.

Country Comfort (Combo 2) 6.0 lpm pump 

Our Best and Biggest Selling Set up!

This setup is the ideal Combo where a 12 volt pump unit is required. The 6.0 LPM pump has plenty of pressure which is required to spark the Piezo ignition on the unit and allows you RUN our water heater unit to its full capacity. The pump will easily allow you to utilise the full spectrum and control of your water control knob which lets you regulate your water flow fully between the MAX and MIN settings.

Country Comfort (Combo 3) 12.5 lpm pump 

Our Combo 3 is only ever recommended to customers who need to now push the water over a longer distance or are looking to split their water outlet line and run 2 things at the one time from their water source. If you have any questions regarding the need for this pump setup to run with our Water Heater units please give us a call to discuss further!

 Country Comfort Complete Deluxe Kit

This is our Ultimate Portable Combo kit offering you everything you need to get setup out of the box. We have done all the hard work and  the thinking for you on this one! Check it out in Our Catalogue to see the full list of inclusions.


I've been using the Country Outdoor water heater for my outdoor bath and shower 6 months now and am absolutely thrilled with it! It's easy to use and set up and customer service was excellent! One of my friends visited recently and loved it so much she purchased one too. From the research I did this unit is by far the best value for money on the market. I'm using it as my only bathroom (2-3 deep baths a week, and as I'm a farmer, sometimes more than one shower a day) and to date it costs around $16 of gas a month. If you want to use it for an outdoor bath, let them know when you purchase so they can make some adjustments. Can't recommend highly enough!

Nush Abikhair

Early In 2013 I purchased one to use at my unit so as to save on the astronomical power bill I would have been facing … for dragging water up from the ground level 2 floors to the top level, more than 10 meters of lift…  although it was very much a butchered attempt at plumbing it in… and only serviced the shower more so due to the fact I was renting and was not permitted to make a more substantial connection to feed the entire unit with gas hot water it served its purpose and the $300 odd for the unit with the small pump which I put to use elsewhere more than paid for itself in the first 1/4 bill that I had it connected for also being that the units are extremely efficient when it comes to gas consumption I was able to make use of a 9kg gas bottle for a month with and average of 5 people having showers every day…

Clay Mc

I love our Zimmy bus!.:)..This was a out door gas hot water untit we brought awhile ago, and the 2nd time we used it ,was tonight!:)..Its awesome for a shower etc:).....The ZIMMY BUS also has a shower inside, but this one is mounted at the back!....Took Hamish for a walk agian tonight and he wanted to have a swim, so he did..Crikey on the way back walinkg to home, he rolled in some kangaroo crap!....Yahoo, straight back home and under the outdoor shower for a shampoo!:) .Oh Hamish stunk, and no way was I going to let him in my bed tonight like that! LOL...... Oh, can you imagine how many animals I will find in my trvavells, that may need a quick scrub!..LOL.I love this shower and thanks so much Craig Mcennally for selling me one of these awesome units from here:) .I reccomend these to everyone for all sort of reasons:)

Author's name

I got the Country Comfort Water Heater yesterday and we used it today. It was extremely easy to set up, I'm really pleased. Thanks a lot for your time spent with me on the phone! Description, photo’s and video of the unit were perfectly accurate. Great service, quick, easy, and smooth transaction, prompt shipping. Plan on recommending you to all my friends.


Buying this Water heater was a very good experience. The set was packaged superbly for shipment and arrived in A1 condition. It was shipped promptly as they said. I tracked it door to door with no problems. I expected to pay a lot more freight. I would not hesitate to buy from these people again as the Country Comfort has outperformed my previous Bosch unit.

Nadiem Raffie