Clay Mc 

Jun 2
Hi there I have 3 of your units for different purposes most recent of which was purchased today 2/6/18 and I would love be able to write a testimonial to your products robust yet simple design and multitude of applications.

Early In 2013 I purchased one to use at my unit so as to save on the astronomical power bill I would have been facing … for dragging water up from the ground level 2 floors to the top level, more than 10 meters of lift…  although it was very much a butchered attempt at plumbing it in… and only serviced the shower more so due to the fact I was renting and was not permitted to make a more substantial connection to feed the entire unit with gas hot water it served its purpose and the $300 odd for the unit with the small pump which I put to use elsewhere more than paid for itself in the first 1/4 bill that I had it connected for also being that the units are extremely efficient when it comes to gas consumption I was able to make use of a 9kg gas bottle for a month with and average of 5 people having showers every day…

Since 2014 I have had another one on the back of my ute as a shower for after swimming in the ocean… at that stage I had a 44 gallon drum on the back of the ute which I would place an inline pump into and draw from at 18ltrs per minute… or connect it directly to mains water if available…

I love my little hot water services and since moving from the unit where I was I have connected that service to my mothers house and running it of the larger 50kg bottles for mums hot water, plumbed in properly she only has 2 gas deliveries a year because of the control system on the service being able to use minimal gas.

The service on the back of my ute remains in place, although slightly worse for wear it still functions like a champion... and almost everywhere I go people comment on it and take photos of it… with the pretty sweet set up I have now i sometimes draw a bit of a crowd and everyone asks where I got the idea for it… it certainly is 1 of a kind though without a doubt.

I will post some photos on my Instagram account when I get time and use the #CountryOutdoorSupplies