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Constructed with premium UV-stabilized reinforced strong nylon, which reigns supreme in toughness, tensility and thermostability, these BUNKER INDUST recovery tracks are born to deliver reliable performance against flex and impacts and withstand pressure of up to 10 ton. The rugged and rigid main board provides extra traction and can effectively prevent wheel spin. A heavy-duty jack base, which features ultra tough construction, is included to enhanced versatility. And the teeth of the tracks, which are highly wear resistant to withstand drastic and catastrophic melting, will firmly sink into the tyre to provide firmer traction amid slippery soil and mud. The front channels are engineered to facilitate debris and the bottom channels to offer firmer base. These tracks also feature 4 anti-slippery handles, 2 shovels and built-in keyholes. They are built for use in a variety of conditions and are ideal for most vehicles.With BUNKER INDUST, you are fully equipped to handle any challenges.

  • Strength & Durability: Ultra durable UV-stabilized reinforced nylon offers intrepid resistance against extreme impact and flex.
  • Built-in Jack Base: Ultra tough polyethylene construction and universal compatibility guarantee reliable performance during emergencies.
  • Ultra Tough Teeth: These teeth can effectively prevent wheel spin, provide firmer traction and resist instant melting.
  • Improved Front Design: Debris will not attached to the surface of the track, which could greatly enhance traction for vehicle recovery.
  • Superior Bottom Design: Wave-shaped, rugged and abrasive-proof teeth and elaborately designed channels offer firmer ground during recovery.
  • User Friendly Design: Built-in shovels, ergonomic handles and keyholes ensure excellent shoveling, moving and mounting experiences.
  • Improved Rugged Design: The rugged construction of the main board guarantees extra traction and can effectively prevent wheel spin.
  • Versatility & Portability: The elaborately engineered track, which can also be used as a shovel, is much easier to store and mount.
  • Ideal for Off-road Use:Help your car to get out of boggy mud, sand, ice, snow.Easy to clean, anti-corrosion, UV resistance, Ideal for off-road use.
1 Year Warranty


What's In Box
  • Pair of Black Recovery Tracks