12V 100W Black Silicon Flexible Solar Panel Kit Generator Power Mono Charging

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Product Highlights

  • Do not wire the flexible solar panels in parallel or in series to avoid damage or shortened lifespan
  • Do not glue the panel on top, either mount with a velcro attachment or else. Leave a space underneath for the back panel to breath
  • 12V High Quality Solar Panel
  • Saronic Solar panels adopt World leading Solar PV cells---"SunPower", the prodigy with absolutely highest efficiency achievable!
  • Remarkable 25-year output warranty
Max Power:100W
Open Circuit Voltage:21.6V
Short Circuit Current:5.97A
Rated Voltage:17.8V
Rated Current:5.62A
Temperature Range:-40°C - 85°C
Solar Material:Black Silicon
Thickness:2.5 mm
Net Weight:2.2 kg
Size:(L x H x W)1100x2.5x570mm