12.5 Lpm 12v Marine Grade Water pump

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Great to use with our Tankless LPG Gas Portable Instant Water Heaters!

Please note: The only occasions where this Pump is required is where you have longer runs as your pressure will drop over distance due to friction and various other factors. In these circumstances where a longer distance is required to push your water over a greater distance this model is recommended. However our best suited unit is our 6.0 LPM for 90% of all applications.
An example of the use of our 12.5 LPM 60 PSI pump is we had a customer with a problem stating that our unit didn't work when he hooked it up. After fault finding and going through our series of fault finding questions with him we found he was using a 21.0 LPM Pump, however it was only 30 PSI output. He was trying to push water to the Heater unit over a 15 odd metre distance. This was his problem - Plenty of flow rate, not enough pressure to kick in the Piezo ignition on the unit!

This diaphragm pressure pump is ideal for use in any area that requires water transfer. 

Easy to operate and self priming it will gives years of service. 

Perfect for caravans, boats, motorhomes and camping. 

Use it with fresh or salt water with your deck wash or to run your toilet or shower.

Inlet and Outlet are 1/2 inch DC magnetic drive, wide torsion, high pressure, stable performance, small, light, easy to install, self priming, pressure automatic switch, low noise, acid, alkali, corrosion resistant. Special for electric sprayer. Water purification, filter machine, fluid filling in chemical industry. Food, beverage filling and transfer
Product Features:

Built in check valve & Corrosion resistant 

Silent running and smooth operation

Self priming Run dry Protection
Easy to install
No maintenance
Simple to operate
Low power consumption
Automatically turns on and off
12 volt Maximum capacity

12.5 L/Min Maximum pressure 60 PSI

Amp draw: 8.0A

Santorprene Diaphragm