2 X 10" Inline Carbon Water Filters Garden Hose Fittings Fridge Caravan

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2 x 10inch Inline Carbon Filters with Garden Hose Fittings PRODUCT DESCRIPTION These Inline Carbon filters are composed of high performance activated carbon, a material that absorbs chlorine, pesticides and other types of organic contaminants. These filters usually work in the second stage of the filtration process and are effective in removing the contaminants that cause bad taste and odour. It is recommend that each cartridge is changed at least every 6 months. Perfect for Caravans! FEATURES Professional Workmanship Advanced Cartridge Technology Made from the Most Effective Water Filtration Material, Activated Carbon from Coconut Shells Quick Change Cartridge Enjoy drinking unlimited filtered water... Have pure water available on tap 24 hours a day with a Great Water Filters system Delivers Great Tasting Pure Water Guaranteed Cupboard Space because of the Cartridge's Slimline Design Removal of Organic Contaminants & Chlorine Makes the Water Taste Better and Makes it Healthier Standard 1/4inch threads allow you to screw on any kind of end fittings you like SPECIFICATIONS 1/4 Inch threads Micron: 5 Maximum Flow: 3.75 litres a minute Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI Max. Working Temperature: 38°C Service Life: 5678 litres or 6 month PACKAGE INCLUDES 2x Carbon Water Filters 2x Re-usable Garden Hose Fittings