3.8m Telescopic Aluminium Ladder Alloy Extension Extendable Steps

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If you were ever to pull out a ladder, it would be this one. Aptly branded Bullet, its ingenious and lightweight aluminium design fits nicely into the boot of an Aston Martin (alternatively, in your bedroom closet). Yet, when time comes to save that damsel in distress (alternatively, reach the top shelf of cookie jars or bolt a rafter in place), it extends to whatever height you want - right up to a dizzying 380cm. Of course, in true MI6 fashion, it also comes with full safety certification, featuring industrial-grade latches and solid rubber-tipped feet. So, beat Q to it: grab yourself a telescopic Bullet ladder and be the agent of your own success today! Lightweight aluminium design Compacts to 86cm Extends incrementally to 380cm 150kg load-bearing capacity Rubber-tipped feet Velcro storage straps SGS Safety Certification

HIDE YOUR ABILITY The Bullet ladder is there when you need it, gone when you don't. Compacting from 380cm to a handy 86cm, you can store it out of sight almost anywhere. REACH NEW HEIGHTS What's on the menu today? Roof work? Painting? Kitten rescue? Not to worry. Extending incrementally, your Bullet ladder will show you the way in a few simple steps - right up to 380cm. And at that height, people start looking very small. STEP UP THE SAFETY Featuring durable aluminium design, industrial-grade height-locking latches and solid rubber-tipped feet, the Bullet telescopic ladder comes with full SGS Safety Certification. Who said that you have to take risks to look cool? A good ladder should be part of any household and tool kit. The only question is: how tall should it be? Well, your telescopic Bullet ladder is always just tall enough - right up to a height of 380cm (after which point you might want to start browsing for parachutes). Simply undo the convenient Velcro straps and extend it incrementally to fit your needs. The telescopic Bullet ladder does give rise to another question, however. Compacting all the way down to a tiny 86cm package, it's so easy to store away, you might need to ask yourself, "now, just where did I put it"?