90LBS Electric Trolling Motor Inflatable Marine Outboard Engine

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Be as one with the silent world with this Genuine Striker outboard motor. With huge thrust, a super-strong composite shaft and eight-step speed control, it will put the bait just where it needs to be without the fish ever knowing you're there. With super-low power consumption, the Genuine Striker gets the most out of your 24V battery. And thanks to its clear LED display, you will always be in control of the power. Your Genuine Striker employs a CAD-designed triple-blade propeller, giving you performance far superior to other blade designs whilst also keeping the weeds away. Simply twist the handle and sneak up on the fish at the optimal speed. With five forward speeds and three reverse speeds, you'll make the right approach every time. Huge 90-lbs thrust Universal mounting 23" super-strong composite shaft All-alloy head Six-inch telescoping handle Five-step twist-tiller forward speed control Three-step twist-tiller reverse speed control Durable and weedless triple-blade propeller Full 90 degree tilt Ten-step LED battery display Corrosion-proof composite materials Suitable for use in both salt- and freshwater 12-month Australian warranty