DC 12V LED Display Cigarette Lighter Voltage Meter

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LED Display Cigarette Lighter Electric Voltage Meter For Auto Car Battery
Car battery voltage display
Powered by car cigarette lighter charger (DC 12~24 V)
Installation: insert the jack of the product into a cigar socket
Voltage available: DC12~24 V
This digital gauge displays the voltage of batteries in the car.
With high brightness of LED(light-emitting diode) there is no difficulity in seeing the display.
Clean the cigar socket.
Insert the jack of the product into a cigar socket.

When engine running (do not drive),the LED display:
Between 13.5 TO 14.5 (12V CAR)
Between 26.0 TO 28.0 (24V CAR)
With the engine off, and nothing turned on, the LED display :
Greater than 12.0 (12V CAR) OR 24.0 (24V CAR)(for reference only)
Measuring range : DC 8V-30V